Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions are applicable to all sales and services and are deemed to be accepted upon importing used vehicles from Green Crest Co., Ltd. Please read carefully. Failure to read the terms and conditions thoroughly does not invalidate them.


Users who are not authorized to access Green Crest Co., Ltd computer systems or servers will not use alternative means to do so. This includes computers, computer systems, networks, or any other services through any means, including password mining or hacking programs or processes.


All information, images, material, and data contained on the website (www.minitrucks.jp) remain the sole property of Green Crest Co., Ltd and shall not be copied, reproduced, distributed, published, modified, uploaded, transmitted, or otherwise used without the express permission of the company. Information may be shared only for resale purposes to the appropriate clients.


Agreements under these terms are governed by laws of Japan Jurisdiction regardless of conflict with other provisions or jurisdictions.


All warranty conditions are valid only for the purchase of used kei trucks, used mini dumps, or other vehicles within Japan and are not valid once the vehicle is shipped overseas. Information provided on each vehicle is complete to the best of our knowledge and should be acted upon before purchasing the vehicle for overseas use, as we have neither warranty services nor a service location outside of Japan. All sales are final.


We are unable to ship a vehicle until it is paid for in full.


Shipping is completed via the next available ship travelling to the required destination port. We do not control the ships or their schedules. Shipping schedules and frequency will be determined by the shipping location, the destination port, and the time of year. Ships may run from the originating port to the destination on a regular schedule of once a week, once every other week, once a month, or any other schedule. The next ship may not be the next available ship because of overall capacity issues and because used vehicles are a lower priority for shipping companies than new cars. Unexpected delays may occur and are not the fault of our company.


Responsibility for the terms and conditions of sale -- including but not limited to payment of all fees, shipping, insurance, taxes, inspections, and transportation -- falls solely upon the customer.


Details will be included in the invoice directly.


Green Crest Co., Ltd is not liable for delays or losses that are caused by factors that are beyond our control, including but not limited to weather, acts of government, loss of power or heat, internet outages or failures, equipment failures, strikes, and labor disputes affecting shippers, banks or others whose services are required for the purchase and transport of your vehicle.


Vehicles sold cannot be canceled or refunded due to the delay in shipment due to space availability.


Suspected fraudulent transactions may be suspended and/or cancelled without notice.


Refund Policy

We send all invoices to customers in USD (U.S. Dollars). We do this for two reasons: 

1) this is a universally accepted method and 

2) ocean freight is always calculated in USD. Because we cannot send car prices in  JPY (Japanese Yen) and ocean freight in USD, we write the entire invoice in USD. When your payment arrives, our Japanese bank deducts charges before depositing the remainder in our account as JPY, not as USD. If we subsequently need to return that payment to the customer, the dollar rate will have changed. That rate fluctuation is not within our control, and we cannot credit the buyer above and beyond the amount that we have actually received.

Two cancellation scenarios are possible: cancellation by the customer and cancellation by us.

  • If the customer cancels the order:

When a customer sends us a deposit to buy a car and later cancels the purchase, our service fees (120,000 JPY) will still apply. If the deposit is equal to or less than this amount, the deposit will not be refunded. If the deposit minus our bank charges is greater than 120,000 JPY, we will return a credit amount equal to those remaining funds (deposit – bank charges – service fees) in JPY, converted to your local currency at the rate in effect at the time we send your remittance, minus any additional bank charges for conversion, etc.

  • If we cancel the order:

In the unlikely event that we are unable to deliver the vehicle(s), we will refund the total amount that we have received in our bank account in JPY, regardless of the currency in which you remitted payment, because our bank credits our account in JPY. We will refund the entire amount we actually received minus any bank remittance.


Payment is due in full upon receipt of the proforma invoice or within 48 hours, as noted on the invoice. All transactions not paid in full within 2 business days, with emailed confirmation, may be canceled by Green Crest Co., Ltd.


Adherence to all local laws, regulations, and restrictions regarding the importing of vehicles is the sole responsibility of the buyer. The company will not be liable for researching, providing, or interpreting these laws and regulations to the customer. The company offers no guarantee on the accuracy of information provided on our website www.minitrucks.jp or of verbal or written information provided to the customer.


Disagreements or disputes will be solved by reasonable efforts by each party, including concerns that are not covered under these terms and conditions. Good faith negotiations will be engaged until a suitable solution is agreed upon. Should these efforts fail, issues may be resolved under Japanese Law in Tokyo District Court.


Whereas any portion of these terms and conditions are deemed illegal or unable to be enforced, the remainder of the terms will be unaffected and remain valid and active.


These terms and conditions may be modified at any time without notice by Green Crest Co., Ltd.


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