Free Storage: Adding Flexibility for Buyers

Free Storage: Adding Flexibility for Buyers has a generous pre-shipping storage policy. We’re the only company that will store your vehicle for free for up to 6 months in our shipping agent's yard. Other sellers offer only 2 months of free storage. This way, we give you the best opportunity to get the vehicle you want but have it delivered at the most convenient time. There are several reasons that you might want to take advantage of our storage service.


Sometimes, the vehicle you want is available, but you can’t take delivery right away. Maybe you’re going on vacation. Perhaps you’re about to change cities to start a new job. Or maybe it’s the middle of winter and you don’t want to fight the cold and snow to collect your mini truck. You don’t have to just hope that your vehicle will still be in stock later. Buy now, secure your vehicle and ship up to 180 days later.


Perhaps your chosen vehicle hasn’t yet met the import age requirement. Depending on where you live, a vehicle has to be either 15 years old or 25 years old before the destination country will allow import. acquires vehicles before they’ve met the threshold so that we can offer you the best selection. If small Japanese trucks or mini freezer trucks, or wheelchair vans, or other vehicle that you want is a few months short of its allowable import date, get in touch and we’ll show you how easy it can be to set that vehicle aside until it falls within the allowable limit.

Longer term storage is available. Need storage for longer than 6 months? No problem! Store your vehicle for as long as needed. First 180 days storage is free, after that storage cost is US$120 per month. Please contact us and let us help you make arrangements that work for you.


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