Reconditioned mini trucks, refurbished minivans are available for sale

Used vs. Reconditioned

It is important to understand the difference between a used truck and a truck that has been reconditioned. The majority of dealers for mini trucks simply apply new coats of paint to used trucks, but our company sells fully reconditioned trucks with a thorough inspection for outstanding quality.

Your decision to purchase a proper vehicle, be it a minivan or truck, represents a critical investment in your business performance. When you work with us, we take the time to inform you of all maintenance, upgrades, and more to provide total transparency in value added.


The United States and its associated territories have legislation that allows classic cars of a minimum of 25 years old to be imported. Furthermore, the neighboring nation of Canada allows cars of at least 15 years old to be imported. Despite the fact that you can find many of these vehicles in perfect condition in the far eastern country of Japan, there are critical considerations to be made due to the excess age.

Regardless of how little the mileage shows on the odometer and how carefully it has been maintained over decades of use, wear and tear are simply inevitable. To ensure the best trucks available are ready for the road, our vehicles are required to pass through reconditioning. Below are several variables we look for to offer unbeatable deals.

What We Look For

Every vehicle we purchase is required to have sufficient quality air-conditioning, engines, and transmission. From the inside out, we perform rigorous testing to ensure our quality and safety standards are met.

To begin, we take all vehicles on an initial test drive to check for mechanical errors and signs of damage. In the event that anything is defective, we take it into our shop to perform the necessary upgrades and repairs. If we discover that significant maintenance is required beyond minor tweaks, we refuse to purchase the vehicle.

During the reconditioning process for used trucks, we perform the following as part of our professional inspection. If there are any issues, we provide the repairs:

  • Cleaning and refurbishment of interior fabrics

  • Testing of all electronics to ensure proper functionality

  • Inspection of exterior paint for signs of discoloration or scratches

  • Check that all tires have balanced pressure and sufficient air inflation. Faulty tires are always replaced.

  • Replacement of the tire belt and oil as necessary

  • Installation of new batteries

  • Application and undercoating of anti-rust spray across all vehicles

  • Any customizations made as requests on behalf of the customer

In order to keep a full inventory, vehicles are purchased consistently from various outlets. These include trade-ins, auctions, and wholesalers. Many of these vehicles are in exceptional condition and only require vacuuming, washing, or a simple oil change. Of course, a small handful requires extra attention.

Our company is dedicated to providing customers with exceptional quality of service that is expected and deserved. This business strives to keep your personal fees and expenses as low as they can be. The majority of our repairs are performed in-house such that efficient control of quality can be monitored throughout the entirety of the process and expedite the time needed for repairs.

Visit our website at and we promise you amazing services and remains the only Japanese exporter of refurbished and reconditioned vehicles.

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