FAQ About Mini Trucks

2021-12-14 by M. Yousaf

FAQ About Mini Trucks

The mini truck is another name for the micro-truck, or the Kei truck as they are known in Japan, that are popular throughout Japan for both daily use and delivery purposes. They are available both in rear wheel drive as well as four wheel drive, making them suitable for many uses and locations, and they are small enough to fit comfortably on narrow streets.  Also found in some locations around Europe, USA and other locations around the world.


What are the Most Common Kei Trucks?

The most common of these includes the Suzuki Carry, Mitsubishi Minicab, Daihatsu Hijet, Honda Acty, Mazda Scrum and Subaru Sambar. Later new models of mini trucks were introduced by Toyota called Toyota Pixis and by Nissan called Nissan Clipper.  Used Kei trucks are usually well cared for and can be a popular vehicle to purchase second hand due to how widely available they are and how many versions are available.


Can They Be Driven on Roads?

These second hand mini trucks are legal in many areas and can be driven on roadways and highways throughout Japan, Europe, Canada, USA and Australia.  Japanese mini trucks imports can be used throughout many other countries and will match speed and comfort to other vehicles on the road around them.


What Speeds Can a Mini Truck Achieve?

Though smaller than traditional North American trucks, a mini truck is still able to reach the same speeds and can easily keep up with the traffic through the cities and even reach 100 km/h ~ 120km/h, making them safe for all roadways in Canada, Australia and the USA.


Do All Mini Trucks have Same Options?

Different models of mini trucks have different options available including hydraullic dump beds, a low installed on the front, high walls surrounding the truck bed for deliveries and transportation items, lift gates for the back, utility bars for the back, or they can be made as fridge or freezer trucks to transport frozen or refrigerated foods safely.  These options make them suitable for any time of delivery or pick up services as well as for regular use.


What are the Mini Trucks Used For?

Uses include regular transport use for individuals or smaller families in minivans, far use including driving to and from a farm or moving small loads of fodder and other materials, delivery vehicles for small and medium businesses, construction, contracting including landscaping and renovation work, and hobby use such as hunting and fishing, camping and more.


Their smaller size has led to a wide range of uses throughout the USA including security vehicles at colleges and universities, on golf courses and country clubs for security and maintenance services, for campground maintenance and safety, and their lighter weights allow them to go off road in these areas without causing damage to the property.


What are the Weight Limits on a Mini Truck?

A standard mini truck is capable of carrying 350kg, but this can be increased with upgrades to springs and other components.


What are the Most Common Models and Their Engine Size?

Daihatsu:                 Model S80P and S810P both have 550 cc and EB Engine

                               Model S66 has a 550 cc and AB Engine

                               Model S83P, S110P, S110W, and S210P each have 660 cc and EF Engine


Honda Acty:             Model TC has 550 cc and EH Engine

                               Model HA2 has 660 cc and E05A Engine 

                               Model HA4 has 660 cc and E07A Engine


Mitsubishi Minicab:    Model UT12T has a 550 cc and G23B Engine

                               Model UT14T, UT15T, UT 17T each have a 550 cc and 3G81 Engine

                               Model UT19T, UT42T, UT62T each have a 660 cc and 3G83 Engine


Subaru Sambar:        Model KT6 has a 550 cc and EK23 Engine

                                Model KS4 and KS3 have 660 cc and EN07 Engine


Suzuki Carry:            Model DB41T has a 550 cc and F5B Engine

                                Model DB71T and ST41 have 550 cc and F5A Engine

                                Model DB51T, DD51T and DB52T each have 660 cc and F6A Engine


Mazda:                      Model DG41V has 550 cc

                                Model DG51V has 660 cc

                                Model DM51T has 660 cc


How Long have Mini Trucks been used?

In use for over 50 years in Japan, they have grown in popularity around the world over the past few decades due to their versatility and size.  The smaller and lighter sizes make them easier to drive and park and better for the environment than full size trucks and vans.


How Long do Mini Trucks Last?

Built with newer fuel injection systems and new designs, they are known to get to 300,000 km in some cases, making them a long lasting vehicle and solid investment.  Using only the best parts allow them to go farther than many other vehicles.


How much the Used Mini Trucks Cost?

As the majority of the imported mini trucks in the USA are second hand, they cost an average of 4,000 US$ to 6,000 US$ CIF any port in the USA.


What Base Functions are Included in a Mini Truck?

Much like other base vehicles, they include an AM radio, cigarette lighter, seat belts, courtesy in-cabin lights, heating system.  Others may have air conditioning, Axle Lock, Diff Lock.


The sides of the truck bed are often removable or will fold down to easily empty the back of the truck.  Some trucks have dump beds that are hydraullic.


How are the Mini Trucks so Small?

The space saving designs allow them to remain smaller than other vehicles without losing any of the functionality.  Recently updated to move the front tires further forward and creating increased leg room, they used to have the tires right in front of the seats.  The engine is housed beneath the seats and under the bed of the truck to keep it shorter in length.


What is the Average Gas Mileage on a Japanese Mini Truck?

With 45 mpg or more, the gas mileage is an advantage to the mini truck and makes it appealing for many purposes.  This does not diminish the horsepower and they will climb a steep track even when carrying a load in four wheel drive.


Are Mini Trucks Standard or Automatic?

Both choices are available on the mini trucks.  You can choose from an Automatic transmission mini truck or a 4 speed manual, in some cases a 5 speed manual transmission mini truck.  Some trucks are equipped with high and low gears. 


What Vehicle Classification are Mini Trucks Under?

A mini truck will fall under the classification of utility terrain vehicle.  This is an all terrain vehicle that is used for work rather as well as for recreation or hobby use, and is expected to travel off road and through small tracks or accross areas with no paths at all.


Which Mini Truck is the Best?

When considering used Japanese Mini Trucks, there are many factors and each one will be best suited to some functions while not the first choice for others. There is no one that is best overall, it is the personal choice of the client and its usage. 

Mini Farming Trucks

2021-12-11 by M. Yousaf

Mini Farming Trucks

Running a farm means there is always work to be done and tasks are all over the property.  It can be convenient and efficient to have a smaller vehicle that can do the same tasks as a full size pick up truck or SUV but is easily able to go off road and to fit down thin paths that will not fit a full size truck.  The mini farm trucks from Japan are well suited to this type of task as they are smaller and lighter than traditional trucks but come with all the same options and functions, including four wheel drive, truck bed for transporting large items or loads of materials, and even animals from one area to another.


Reliability of Mini Trucks

Mini trucks are quite reliable and have been known to stay functional for well over 250,000 km and several decades.  They were created with top quality materials and meant to last for several years in hard jobs, are durable and have extended life spans when they are cared for well.  Due to strict inspection rules in Japan, they are well maintained so even a Japanese used farming truck will be in reliable shape and will have all safety features still functioning.


Makers of the Mini Trucks

Brands that make the most popular versions include Honda, Daihatsu, Subaru, Mazda, Mitsubishi and Suzuki.  All these brands are available in the classic models that are 25 years old and are good to import into the USA and Australia, and

Quebec in Canada.  Newer models are available by Nissan and Toyota makes too.  All these Japanese mini trucks makers have created cars, vans and even SUVs in the mini version and they are all suited for their own set of tasks.  These vehicles have been manufactured for several decades and many of them are over 25 years old and still in the best running condition.



There are several advantages to a japanese used mini truck on the farm that makes it well suited.  Their ability to go off road with four wheel drive makes them able to drive not only on the highways and main roads but also on small paths, dirt roads, and through fields where necessary, and have the ability to carry needed supplies from one area of the farm to another.  The lighter vehicle will leave less damage on the fields and grass than a full size truck but will still carry a lot of material to a new space.


When choosing which is the right fit for your farm, be sure to consider the type of trucck bed that you need.  Each manufacturer has created a line of farming trucks in Japan and they have several different purposes.  For carrying loads of loose materials there are several mini dump trucks with a hydraulic lift for the bed of the truck that will allow you to dump the loads upon arrival without manually removing it.  Another option is fold down or removable sides for easy unloading of construction materials or small farm machinery and resources, or even a refrigerated or freezer back for the truck.  This makes them suited for many types of farms and other businesses.  


The lighter weight allows for better fuel efficiency as well as a smaller motor sizes.  With lowered fuel costs there can be savings to the whole farm and allows increased flexibility for moving things around the farm or to purchase new materials and take them back to the farm.


As they are approved for both roadways and highways as well as for off roading it is an all round efficient vehicle for all the needs of a small or medium farm.  If the business grows it may be used for smaller trips and for checking on the fields and animals without the full size truck, allowing owners to get closer to the fences and to fit through small spaces than would be otherwise possible.



Due to the 25 years rule in the USA, Australia and Quebec in Canada and a 15 years rule in Canada excluding the Quebec area, they must be purchased used.  This also affects the availability of some spare parts, though they are a popular utility vehicle and when well cared for will be reliable and safe with few repairs needed.  You can contact us to find hard to find parts for classic models of all types of mini trucks.


When you decide to purchase one, it may be difficult to find, and will often lead to working with Japanese exporters of the vehicles to select one that is the right fit for your farm and have it shipped to you.  A reliable exporter who specializes in the export of mini trucks would inspect the truck thoroughly for quality to avoid any risk to purchase a vehicle that you have not seen in person.


Where to find a Japanese Mini Truck for Farming

There are two main ways to find a suitable mini truck from Japan for farming, and these include finding and purchasing one at an auction in Japan or to have one imported from the used mini trucks' exporters ready stock. When looking for one at an auction, it will be a time investment, check all auction listings before the auction begins to determine which will have a Kei truck listed or will be most likely to have one.  Attend the auctions a few hours early to inspect the vehicle you are interested in and ensure that it is in running condition and will perform the tasks you need it to.


The other option is to contact an exporter of these trucks that is located in Japan.  They will often have stock available. An exporter is knowledgeable in the rules and regulations for shipping a vehicle and the documentation, and walk you through the process ensuring the correct paperwork is completed and the import rules are followed.



Purchasing a used mini truck for farming has many benefits, and one is that the used vehicle will have a lower cost than a new truck, and the improved gas mileage will save costs on fuel.  As they are made to last long, the repair costs will be lower than many others and they are sure to last for several years if cared for well.  Purchasing one used averages between 4,500 US$ to 6,000 US$ including the shipping costs and insurance to the USA, Canada or Australia, and it takes roughly less than 60 days to be shipped and arrive at your destination port.





Mitsubishi Pajero Mini

2021-12-09 by M. Yousaf

Mitsubishi Pajero Mini

Mitsubishi is a well known car brand that exports around the world and makes several styles and types of vehicles. One of these is the Pajero Mini Kei car which is one of the lightest and smallest vehicles that is safe for highway driving.  They offer fuel efficiency and have the advantages of parking and handling that are specific to small vehicles. Launched in 1994, it remained popular and in active production until 2012.  Currently the only way to obtain one is through an exporter of used mini pajero from Japan, as they are not built outside of Japan and new models are not being made. You can find stock of used pajero mini under our mini SUVs section.



Just like the larger version of Mitsubishi Pajero SUV that it is based upon, the Pajero Mini is almost identical in appearance just on a smaller.  It maintained the same shape and ratios, but was scaled down to improve fuel efficiency and appeal to the consumers who were looking for a smaller vehicle.  Japan has tax savings and offers incentives for smaller cars as they are better for the environment and cause less congestion on roads and parking spaces than larger vehicles.  The Pajero Mini offers the same look and functionality of the full sized SUV version of the same car, allowing those who like the style and function to also enjoy the benefits of a smaller size. 



The smaller wheelbase and shorter length makes the interior smaller than that of other vehicles, but it has been designed in such a way that it feels roomy for the size. With seatings for 4 people the seats are soft and made to be durable and extend the lifespan of the vehicle. It offers plenty of storage in the back trunk and can carry a full grocery shop or luggage for any trip.



Fitting well in the Kei cars category it is 129 inches long, 54.9 inches wide, and only 64 inches high. When weighed, it is about 1874 lbs and while technically it is an SUV it is the size of a subcompact car.  The engine size can be smaller due to the smaller size, and the options for the engines come in with 4A30, 650 cc, 14MVV engine or a 4A30T, 669 cc, 14 Turbo engine.  Maintaining its ability to offroad and be used for hobbies like camping or fishing, it has a 7 inch clearance off the ground and comes in 4 wheel drive with a compass, inclinometer, and temperature guages to ensure that you are aware of your surroundings at all times.


Built for offroading, safe highway driving, and daily use, this small vehicle offers the best of SUV and a car to build a popular kei model. It is available in automatic and standard versions, and with a range of options included. They are available in both 4 wheel drive and later versions were created with a rear wheel drive.  When selecting a used vehicle, it is important to ensure it is road safe and can be registered and insured.  


The safety features are similar to those in other vehicles including the power steering, ABS for the braking system, airbags and independent spring suspension.  With other options including power windows or locks and upgraded sound systems, air conditioning, it combines safety with comfort. 


Comparison to the Montero

A Montero is the Mitsubishi SUV that is available in North America and has been quite popular across the USA. This is the full size version of the Pajero and in the USA it was marketed as the Montero, with names changed to fit the culture and the community in which it was sold.  The popularity of the Montero has led to the Pajero Mini to also be popular throughout the USA and both the mainland and the territories.  This has led to the increase in the importation of the older Pajero Minis from Japan to the USA, Canada and Australia and those over 25 years old will qualify for the exemption program that allows them to be imported with fewer regulations and requirements. 


Where to find a Pajero Mini

The most efficient way to find this vehicle is to locate exporters of use Pajero Mini from Japan, and have them assist in locating and shipping one that fits your needs.  The exporter will know many vehicles vehicles that are available and locate one that fits your specifications best, then handle the sale and shipping it to you.  An exporter will know all of the laws and rules that must be followed, have relationships with the handlers and the shippers, and can make the whole process efficient.  They will know the specifications that are most popular, how to check the past history of the vehicle, what inspection requirements are needed before shipping, and what documentation are required in order to import hassle-free in the USA, Canada and Australia.



A complete guide to Japan Mini Trucks

2021-06-14 by M. Yousaf

As a result of the love people have for Japanese used mini trucks and their popularity as one of the best vehicles you could own, we have created a complete guide for you on almost everything you should know about them.  Let's dive in!


Why the Love for Japan Mini Trucks?

The popularity of mini trucks has grown over the years, and the love of mini trucks from Japan comes from their compatibility, ease of maintenance, and incredible features.


The mini trucks from Japan has an interesting history and hence have gained their spotlight among car mod enthusiasts. They aren't just for modding out as it uses cuts across various industries and occupations, including farming, parks, golf courses, Marinas, camp grounds, dairies, among others.


Over the years, Japanese kei trucks have gained popularity among security industry, and you can easily see them being used in the police departments in almost all the US states. This capability, of being adaptabted to many uses, has had Japanese tiny trucks capture many peoples' hearts that many will order these compact trucks  from Japan.


With mini trucks you have a combination of functionalities and styles as these small trucks aren't really about speed entirely - but to roll out and look great in the process.


What is a Kei Truck?

Mini Trucks are known as Kei Trucks in Japan.  Kei in Japanese means light.  Keitora is the shortened form of Kei Truck in Japanese. The most popular kei truck models and makes in the 25 years old bracket include Suzuki Carry, Honda Acty, Mazda Scrum, Mitsubishi Minicab, Daihatsu Hijet and Subaru Sambar.


While you may expect products from popular brands like Toyota and Nissan to be on the list, you should know that they do not make older models, though they make models in the new years.


Features of Kei Trucks?

While several manufacturers make their versions and models of kei trucks, some features are unique among them; these unique features include refrigerated beds, hydraullic scissor lifts, boxed beds, crawler rear ends, high rise bed walls, hydrallic dump beds, front ploughs and utility bars.


Your Kei truck can also come in the form of a 4wd or a 2wd version, and most kei trucks are characterized by 550 or 660 cc engines, which are sometimes supercharged.


Generally Kei trucks are capable of 15km/L petrol consumption, as they have relatively small gas tanks that are affordable to fill even with 600km per tank, and they have an approximated weight of plus / minus 750kg in standard trim, or more if your truck comes with rear bed options.


You should also know that the maximum weight of the load it can carry is 350kg, which is impressive for their small feature. 


Hence a combination of all these features with a 4wd version and its compatibility among all the small trucks in Japan, you will have a Kei truck that is fuel-efficient and a flexible work vehicle.


Though most of the kei truck models and makes are manual transmissions, there are still a few automatic transmissions that would suit you if you are not into shifting gears.  While Kei trucks are small in size, you will see the inside to have a lot of space for you. Air conditioning is also another commonality in Kei trucks, and you will find it amazing if you are in a hot climate.


Kei trucks are a good option for off-road enthusiasts, hunters, and people who generally navigate rough terrain. Japanese mini trucks will give you a good driving experience while you hunt in the wilderness and offer you ample space to transport your hunting gear and bring the hunt back safely.  With its high / low range and differential lockers, mini trucks are strong enough to drive on the rough roads. 


Mini trucks can also be used on the streets and so even the business class has begun to find it stylish.


Rest assured that any of the makes will offer the best of the basic features from these Japan mini trucks.  To view all inventory and various models of mini trucks, minidumps or minivans, click here.


We are pretty sure we have something for everyone. 

by Yousaf

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