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FAQ About Mini Trucks

2021-12-14 by M. Yousaf

FAQ About Mini Trucks

The mini truck is another name for the micro-truck, or the Kei truck as they are known in Japan, that are popular throughout Japan for both daily use and delivery purposes. They are available both in rear wheel drive as well as four wheel drive, making them suitable for many uses and locations, and they are small enough to fit comfortably on narrow streets.  Also found in some locations around Europe, USA and other locations around the world.


What are the Most Common Kei Trucks?

The most common of these includes the Suzuki Carry, Mitsubishi Minicab, Daihatsu Hijet, Honda Acty, Mazda Scrum and Subaru Sambar. Later new models of mini trucks were introduced by Toyota called Toyota Pixis and by Nissan called Nissan Clipper.  Used Kei trucks are usually well cared for and can be a popular vehicle to purchase second hand due to how widely available they are and how many versions are available.


Can They Be Driven on Roads?

These second hand mini trucks are legal in many areas and can be driven on roadways and highways throughout Japan, Europe, Canada, USA and Australia.  Japanese mini trucks imports can be used throughout many other countries and will match speed and comfort to other vehicles on the road around them.


What Speeds Can a Mini Truck Achieve?

Though smaller than traditional North American trucks, a mini truck is still able to reach the same speeds and can easily keep up with the traffic through the cities and even reach 100 km/h ~ 120km/h, making them safe for all roadways in Canada, Australia and the USA.


Do All Mini Trucks have Same Options?

Different models of mini trucks have different options available including hydraullic dump beds, a low installed on the front, high walls surrounding the truck bed for deliveries and transportation items, lift gates for the back, utility bars for the back, or they can be made as fridge or freezer trucks to transport frozen or refrigerated foods safely.  These options make them suitable for any time of delivery or pick up services as well as for regular use.


What are the Mini Trucks Used For?

Uses include regular transport use for individuals or smaller families in minivans, far use including driving to and from a farm or moving small loads of fodder and other materials, delivery vehicles for small and medium businesses, construction, contracting including landscaping and renovation work, and hobby use such as hunting and fishing, camping and more.


Their smaller size has led to a wide range of uses throughout the USA including security vehicles at colleges and universities, on golf courses and country clubs for security and maintenance services, for campground maintenance and safety, and their lighter weights allow them to go off road in these areas without causing damage to the property.


What are the Weight Limits on a Mini Truck?

A standard mini truck is capable of carrying 350kg, but this can be increased with upgrades to springs and other components.


What are the Most Common Models and Their Engine Size?

Daihatsu:                 Model S80P and S810P both have 550 cc and EB Engine

                               Model S66 has a 550 cc and AB Engine

                               Model S83P, S110P, S110W, and S210P each have 660 cc and EF Engine


Honda Acty:             Model TC has 550 cc and EH Engine

                               Model HA2 has 660 cc and E05A Engine 

                               Model HA4 has 660 cc and E07A Engine


Mitsubishi Minicab:    Model UT12T has a 550 cc and G23B Engine

                               Model UT14T, UT15T, UT 17T each have a 550 cc and 3G81 Engine

                               Model UT19T, UT42T, UT62T each have a 660 cc and 3G83 Engine


Subaru Sambar:        Model KT6 has a 550 cc and EK23 Engine

                                Model KS4 and KS3 have 660 cc and EN07 Engine


Suzuki Carry:            Model DB41T has a 550 cc and F5B Engine

                                Model DB71T and ST41 have 550 cc and F5A Engine

                                Model DB51T, DD51T and DB52T each have 660 cc and F6A Engine


Mazda:                      Model DG41V has 550 cc

                                Model DG51V has 660 cc

                                Model DM51T has 660 cc


How Long have Mini Trucks been used?

In use for over 50 years in Japan, they have grown in popularity around the world over the past few decades due to their versatility and size.  The smaller and lighter sizes make them easier to drive and park and better for the environment than full size trucks and vans.


How Long do Mini Trucks Last?

Built with newer fuel injection systems and new designs, they are known to get to 300,000 km in some cases, making them a long lasting vehicle and solid investment.  Using only the best parts allow them to go farther than many other vehicles.


How much the Used Mini Trucks Cost?

As the majority of the imported mini trucks in the USA are second hand, they cost an average of 4,000 US$ to 6,000 US$ CIF any port in the USA.


What Base Functions are Included in a Mini Truck?

Much like other base vehicles, they include an AM radio, cigarette lighter, seat belts, courtesy in-cabin lights, heating system.  Others may have air conditioning, Axle Lock, Diff Lock.


The sides of the truck bed are often removable or will fold down to easily empty the back of the truck.  Some trucks have dump beds that are hydraullic.


How are the Mini Trucks so Small?

The space saving designs allow them to remain smaller than other vehicles without losing any of the functionality.  Recently updated to move the front tires further forward and creating increased leg room, they used to have the tires right in front of the seats.  The engine is housed beneath the seats and under the bed of the truck to keep it shorter in length.


What is the Average Gas Mileage on a Japanese Mini Truck?

With 45 mpg or more, the gas mileage is an advantage to the mini truck and makes it appealing for many purposes.  This does not diminish the horsepower and they will climb a steep track even when carrying a load in four wheel drive.


Are Mini Trucks Standard or Automatic?

Both choices are available on the mini trucks.  You can choose from an Automatic transmission mini truck or a 4 speed manual, in some cases a 5 speed manual transmission mini truck.  Some trucks are equipped with high and low gears. 


What Vehicle Classification are Mini Trucks Under?

A mini truck will fall under the classification of utility terrain vehicle.  This is an all terrain vehicle that is used for work rather as well as for recreation or hobby use, and is expected to travel off road and through small tracks or accross areas with no paths at all.


Which Mini Truck is the Best?

When considering used Japanese Mini Trucks, there are many factors and each one will be best suited to some functions while not the first choice for others. There is no one that is best overall, it is the personal choice of the client and its usage. 

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