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A complete guide to Japan Mini Trucks

2021-06-14 by M. Yousaf

As a result of the love people have for Japanese used mini trucks and their popularity as one of the best vehicles you could own, we have created a complete guide for you on almost everything you should know about them.  Let's dive in!


Why the Love for Japan Mini Trucks?

The popularity of mini trucks has grown over the years, and the love of mini trucks from Japan comes from their compatibility, ease of maintenance, and incredible features.


The mini trucks from Japan has an interesting history and hence have gained their spotlight among car mod enthusiasts. They aren't just for modding out as it uses cuts across various industries and occupations, including farming, parks, golf courses, Marinas, camp grounds, dairies, among others.


Over the years, Japanese kei trucks have gained popularity among security industry, and you can easily see them being used in the police departments in almost all the US states. This capability, of being adaptabted to many uses, has had Japanese tiny trucks capture many peoples' hearts that many will order these compact trucks  from Japan.


With mini trucks you have a combination of functionalities and styles as these small trucks aren't really about speed entirely - but to roll out and look great in the process.


What is a Kei Truck?

Mini Trucks are known as Kei Trucks in Japan.  Kei in Japanese means light.  Keitora is the shortened form of Kei Truck in Japanese. The most popular kei truck models and makes in the 25 years old bracket include Suzuki Carry, Honda Acty, Mazda Scrum, Mitsubishi Minicab, Daihatsu Hijet and Subaru Sambar.


While you may expect products from popular brands like Toyota and Nissan to be on the list, you should know that they do not make older models, though they make models in the new years.


Features of Kei Trucks?

While several manufacturers make their versions and models of kei trucks, some features are unique among them; these unique features include refrigerated beds, hydraullic scissor lifts, boxed beds, crawler rear ends, high rise bed walls, hydrallic dump beds, front ploughs and utility bars.


Your Kei truck can also come in the form of a 4wd or a 2wd version, and most kei trucks are characterized by 550 or 660 cc engines, which are sometimes supercharged.


Generally Kei trucks are capable of 15km/L petrol consumption, as they have relatively small gas tanks that are affordable to fill even with 600km per tank, and they have an approximated weight of plus / minus 750kg in standard trim, or more if your truck comes with rear bed options.


You should also know that the maximum weight of the load it can carry is 350kg, which is impressive for their small feature. 


Hence a combination of all these features with a 4wd version and its compatibility among all the small trucks in Japan, you will have a Kei truck that is fuel-efficient and a flexible work vehicle.


Though most of the kei truck models and makes are manual transmissions, there are still a few automatic transmissions that would suit you if you are not into shifting gears.  While Kei trucks are small in size, you will see the inside to have a lot of space for you. Air conditioning is also another commonality in Kei trucks, and you will find it amazing if you are in a hot climate.


Kei trucks are a good option for off-road enthusiasts, hunters, and people who generally navigate rough terrain. Japanese mini trucks will give you a good driving experience while you hunt in the wilderness and offer you ample space to transport your hunting gear and bring the hunt back safely.  With its high / low range and differential lockers, mini trucks are strong enough to drive on the rough roads. 


Mini trucks can also be used on the streets and so even the business class has begun to find it stylish.


Rest assured that any of the makes will offer the best of the basic features from these Japan mini trucks.  To view all inventory and various models of mini trucks, minidumps or minivans, click here.


We are pretty sure we have something for everyone. 

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